I'm a designer focused on web design and branding that feature both style and substance.

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  • The Beer Bowl http://www.thebeerbowl.com Screen Shot from The Beer Bowl

    The Beer Bowl is a group of beer enthusiasts dedicated to comparing new beers and old in pursuit of finding the “perfect” beer. Each year, individually and in groups, judges try hundreds of beers to see which will beers will go head-to-head in a bracket-style, blind taste test until only one beer is crowned champion. Thebeerbowl.com helps keep track of thousands of ratings, comments, and standings among over 200 judges, 10 divisions, and a database of more than 2000 beers using custom modules built for the Joomla! CMS.


  • Geckos http://www.geckosonline.com Screen Shot from Geckos

    Geckos Bar & Grill in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore needed a website that did two things - communicated their style and ambiance to their prospective customers, and allowed them to manage their menu and identity online. All this was achieved with a Wordpress site that builds on their existing branding.


  • Western Maryland Hospital Center http://www.wmhc.us Screen Shot from Western Maryland Hospital Center

    Western Maryland Hospital Center, located near Hagerstown, MD, uses it's home page at www.wmhc.us as a way to keep it's community up-to-date, communicate events with staff members, and share achievements recently highlighted in the news.


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From: Massively Mobile

The Beer Bowl Web App - Part 2: Visuals

After completing the wireframe process, moving on to the visual design for the Beer Bowl web app was a pretty direct process. We’ve had such good feedback on the look and feel of the desktop version over the past several years, we knew that we wanted to extend that to the mobile implementation. I also knew that I wanted to keep the size of any associated files as small as possible, so I was going to use webkit’s CSS3 implementation wherever possible to minimize the number of images required for download.

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